LWG Corporate Updates Here

New Midas Location in Colorado Brings LWG to Store Number 53!

Announcement: Feb 28, 2016 Release


LWG announces it’s newest location in the Centennial State. On February 28th, 2016 LWG will take principal ownership and operational control of the Midas & Speedee Oil location at 4466 S. Broadway, Englewood, CO 80113.


“We are beyond excited to make the announcement that we are adding the newest store to the LWG family.


Shop number 53 will join the family today in Englewood, CO, right in the middle of our Colorado footprint.


It is a direct reflection of what is being built, the largest aftermarket franchise auto group in the United States, focused on customer service, process and taking care of the customer the right way every time, using our customer experience process 1-8 to build a beyond special brand.


A very big congratulations to everyone in the LWG family. Like always, this is a direct reflection of the company as a whole, what we are building, and where we are going.


Welcome store number 53 to the team.”


Judd Kyle Shader, (CEO/Board Member)


Midas on Broadway in Englewood, CO will be LWG 25th location in Colorado and 53 location Nationally.






Hanna Jerde (Marketing Manager)

2015 TireBusiness.com Magazines Rankings Announced: “LWG 23 Largest Group in the U.S. in 2015”

Announcement: Feb 15, 2016 Release

TireBusiness.com magazine has come out with its annual U.S. Tire store chain rankings report. For the second year in a row LWG has been in the top 25 largest groups in the United States.

LWG has placed as the 23rd largest group of tire retail stores in 2015 and 18th largest retail volume sales in 2015, with over a 15% tire mixture.

“We as a organization are very excited to be in the top 25 for the second year in a row. These rankings highlight the fragmentation that truly is present in the after-market auto retail sector in the United States, and also the massive amount of consolidation that we are seeing, and I think we will continue to see.


It is a honor to be the 23rd largest group of tire retail stores in the U.S. and the 18th largest volume producer in the after-market in 2015.


We as a organization take pride in seeing LWG climb into the top 20 in 2016.”


Judd Kyle Shader, (CEO/Board of Directors)




Hanna Jerde (Marketing Manager)

New Director Level Position Announced

Announcement: Jan 11, 2016 Release

LWG is excited to announce the hiring of a new Director level position in charge of a newly created specialized department of Inventory Management.

LWG announces J McElroy as its new Director of National Inventory Management.

“We are very excited about the addition. J will bring a wealth of knowledge to the team and will be in charge of overseeing all aspect of inventory management across all three of our brands and ten states throughout the US that we currently operate in.”


Kathy Bray (Senior VP of Operation Solutions).

Mr. McElroy will be based out of LWG corp offices in Greenwood Village, CO and will direct report to Ms. Bray.




Hanna Jerde (Marketing Manager)