Meet the Team

LWG is built around the simple ideas of customer service first through world class processes in aftermarket franchise automotive repair allowing LWG to create growth opportunities in the under capitalized franchise automotive repair space. Utilizing a world class infrastructure across multiple retail brands/POS systems using synergies and technologies, with a world class leading retail operating team. Along with allowing for investments into new stores, outside investment, and real estate capital placements. 

With this mindset and now world class infrastructure and team in place, LWG has grown into one of the premier automotive and automotive real estate companies in the United States over the last ten years.

Meet the Board

Board of Directors

  • Joshua A. Weinreich Chairman of the Board
    Board of Directors:
    E*Trade Financial (NASDAQ: ETFC)
    Independent Director of Skybridge Capital Hedge Fund Portfolios
    House Party, Inc.
    New Jersey Pandemic Relief Fund
    Food Bank of New Jersey
    Brrr, LLC
    Summit School Board of Education
    Former Global Head of Hedge Funds:
    Deutsche Bank
    Former Board of Directors:
    Alliance Bernstein (NASDAQ: AB)
  • Judd K. Shader Chief Executive Officer/Board of Directors
    Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Leeds West Groups
  • David H. B. Smith, Jr. JD Board of Directors
    Board of Directors:
    Northern Trust Bank (NASDAQ: NTRS)
    Illinois Tool Works Inc. (ITW) (NASDAQ: ITW)
    Former SEC Associate Director:
    Division of Investment Management 
  • Mark A. Shader Board of Directors
    Former President:
    Best Rental Centers
    Former Senior Executive Vice President:
    Service Merchandise
  • Benjamin M. Lefkowitz Board of Directors
    Co-founder of Riverwood Properties
  • Markus Hockenson Board of Directors
    Former Chief Executive Officer & Board of Directors Member:
    International Car Wash Group (ICW)
    Former Chief Executive Officer:
    Vision Group Holdings
    Former Senior Vice President:
    TBC Corporation
    Advance Auto Parts

Meet The Advisory Board and C-Level Executive Team

Meet The National Office Division Leadership Team

Senior Vice Presidents

  • Lance Goeddel, JD
      Lance Goeddel, JD Sr. Vice President of LWG Legal Compliance & General Counsel
    • Kathy Bray
        Kathy Bray Sr. Vice President of LWG Operations Solutions
      • Susan Blaser
          Susan Blaser Sr. Vice President of ASE Finance

        Vice Presidents

        • To Be Announced
            To Be Announced Vice President of LW Midas Division Operations
          • James Gould
              James Gould Vice President of LW Big O
            • Chris Gray
                Chris Gray Vice President of LWG Accounting - Senior Controller
              • Lydia Strand
                  Lydia Strand Vice President of LWG Human Resources
                • J McElroy
                    J McElroy Vice President of LWG Inventory
                  • Mike Kennerson
                      Mike Kennerson Vice President of LWG IT


                    • Connie Crosby
                        Connie Crosby Sr. Director of LWG Data Analytics
                      • Priscilla Phelps
                          Priscilla Phelps Sr. Director of LWG Payroll
                        • Ryan Tully, CPA
                            Ryan Tully, CPA Director of LWG Accounting - Assistant Controller
                          • Sid Canchester
                              Sid Canchester Director of LWG Real Estate
                            • Jason Smith
                                Jason Smith Director of LWG Operational Initiatives


                              • Hanna Jerde
                                  Hanna Jerde Sr. Manager of LWG Marketing
                                • Ciarra Shoemaker
                                    Ciarra Shoemaker Sr. Manager of LWG National Inventory
                                  • Kathleen McDonald
                                      Kathleen McDonald Manager of LWG Human Resources
                                    • Marcie Thibodeaux
                                        Marcie Thibodeaux Manager of LWG AR
                                      • Kara Gay
                                          Kara Gay Manager of LWG AP
                                        • Taylor Desmond
                                            Taylor Desmond Coordinator of LWG Recruiting

                                          Meet The National Field Leadership Team

                                          West Region

                                          • Shane Welborn
                                              Shane Welborn Regional Director of LW Midas Colorado Operations
                                            • Trey Good
                                                Trey Good Regional Director of Big O Tires Colorado
                                              • Jaime Valles
                                                  Jaime Valles Regional Director of Big O Tires New Mexico

                                                Mid-West Region

                                                • Rob Wanson
                                                    Rob Wanson Regional Senior Director of LW Midas Division Mid-West Operations
                                                  • Brian Giles
                                                      Brian Giles Regional Senior Director of ASE
                                                    • Brandon Carpe
                                                        Brandon Carpe Regional Senior Director of ASE Midas Iowa
                                                      • Zach McEntire
                                                          Zach McEntire Regional Senior Director of ASE Midas Missouri
                                                        • Adam Walters
                                                            Adam Walters Regional Senior Director of ASE Midas Kansas
                                                          • Tony Montani
                                                              Tony Montani Regional Director of LW Midas Division Mid-West Operations
                                                            • Steve Cascio
                                                                Steve Cascio Regional Director of ASE Midas Oklahoma
                                                              • Chris Andersen
                                                                  Chris Andersen Regional Director of ASE Midas Kansas
                                                                • Jason Sager
                                                                    Jason Sager Regional Director of ASE Midas Kansas
                                                                  • Bob King
                                                                      Bob King Regional Director of ASE Midas Nebraska
                                                                    • Bryan Peregrine
                                                                        Bryan Peregrine District Manager of Big O Tires Ohio & Kentucky

                                                                      East Coast Region

                                                                      • JR Kitchell
                                                                          JR Kitchell Regional Senior Director of LW Midas East Coast Operations
                                                                        • Brendan LaBarre
                                                                            Brendan LaBarre Regional Director of LW Midas East Coast Operations
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