Mark A. Shader

Advisory Board of Directors

Mr. Mark A. Shader began his career as a buyer for the catalog show-room retail store chain Leeds in Central Florida. In 1977, Mr. Shader climbed the company ladder quickly – obtaining the title Chief Operating Officer of Leeds. In 1979, Leeds was sold to what would become part of the Service Merchandise chain of locations throughout the United States, with Mr. Shader assuming the position of Senior Vice President of the Eastern Division of the United States retail locations.

In 1982 Mr. Shader stepped down from Service Merchandise co-founding a construction and real estate development company based out of Central Florida, specializing in the wide spectrum of housing, retail, timeshare, and property development. Adding to the ownership portfolio, in 1984 Mr. Shader took principle control and ownership of Best Rental Centers.

In 1996, Mr. Shader stepped down from his daily active roles within his companies shifting his focus solely on P.E. investments focused within the realm of real estate and funds.

 Mr. Shader currently resides in Boulder, CO.